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Respect for human rights

Use of sugarcane biomass to generate electricity, helping to increase the share of sustainable energy in the national energy matrix. 

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prevention culture

In the first two years selling CBIOs, between 2020 and 2022, the company issued more than 500,000 CBIOs, equivalent to removing more than half a million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. 

crianças correndo


Usina Alta Mogiana was founded in 1983 with the firm purpose of building a vital company for the development of São Joaquim da Barra and region. The first harvest, in 1985, had 228 thousand tons of sugarcane crushed and 17.8 million liters of hydrated alcohol produced. It currently has an installed capacity for crushing more than 6,700,000 tons of cane, producing about 10,500,000 bags of sugar, more than 240,000,000 liters of ethanol and co-generated energy of 250,000 MWh.

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