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Quality, Safety and Health at Work, 
Food and Environmental Safety

We, from Usina Alta Mogiana SA - Açúcar e Álcool, will seek, with the Business Management System - SGEAM:
- Profitably produce cereals, sugar cane, ethanol, crystal sugar and electricity, within the quality and safety standards for the satisfaction of our customers and shareholders;
- Prepare and supply safe food, applying safety and food requirements and ensuring competences related to this purpose, with strong internal and stakeholder communication;
- Ensuring a safe working environment for our employees, in order to avoid occupational injuries and illnesses;
- Apply the best occupational health and safety practices, making every effort to eliminate hazards and reduce risks in all work environments, encouraging the participation and consultation of employees and, if applicable, their representatives;
- Protect the environment through practices aimed at sustainable development, such as pollution prevention through the identification and control of environmental impacts resulting from economic activity carried out in the domain areas and those carried out in concession areas;
- Respectfully comply with current legislation and subscribed requirements relevant to its economic activity, including those of mutual agreement with customers, related to food safety;
- Continuously promote the improvement of our processes and products and, consequently, the performance of the SGEAM.


Objectives of Quality, Safety and Health at Work, Food and Environmental Safety

- Prioritize actions to preserve the integrity of UAM employees and third parties;
- Prioritize actions to preserve the integrity of the final consumer;
- Generate profit for the perpetuation of UAM;
- Produce sugarcane and cereals within the quality standards for commerce and industrialization;
- Commercialize sugar, ethanol and electric energy in the standards established by the clients;
- Use natural resources in a rational and sustainable way;
- Maintain an effective communication channel with its employees, customers and partners;
- Promote actions for social welfare;
- Comply with municipal, state, federal and subscribed legislation;
- Continuously improve its production processes;
- Better prepare our employees for new technologies.


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