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Last update: 11/12/2021  



The purpose of this Privacy Notice is to demonstrate the commitment of Usina Alta Mogiana SA – Açúcar e Álcool, in terms of strict compliance with national and international standards for the protection of personal data, striving for ethics and transparency, as well as conducting the entire process of collection, use, storage and processing of data obtained on the website, platforms and applications made available, via the internet, in a transparent manner and in accordance with applicable laws, rules, regulations, codes, and guidelines, respecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of data subjects , detailing what information we collect from you, for what reason(s) and how we treat it, as well as the responsibilities and rights related to this information, in addition to guiding the data subject on the forms of submission of requests and the channels of service available.  



Usina Alta Mogiana may collect information sent by the user during contact with us or registration on our website, platforms and applications available via the internet. In strict compliance with current legislation, the Company is limited to collecting, processing and storing only the data necessary to achieve the intended purpose.  


2.1. USE 

Usina Alta Mogiana uses your data to manage business and work relationships; fraud prevention and detection; compliance with applicable legislation, respecting the purposes established in the authorization granted, when there is a legal requirement to collect it. The data collected may be used to exercise rights guaranteed by law, including as evidence in judicial, administrative or arbitration proceedings, even after the end of the contractual relationship, as well as to comply with legal obligations, regulations of government bodies, tax authorities, Judiciary and/or other competent authority.  



The data collected by Usina Alta Mogiana may be provided directly on our website, platforms and applications made available via the internet, by the data subject, by third parties or from public databases. In the event that it is necessary to process the data of children or adolescents, there will be a request for specific and highlighted consent from the parents or legal guardians, carrying out the treatment of this information based on the hypotheses authorized by Federal Law No. of Data).  



Regarding the use of Cookies, log files and the like, Usina Alta Mogiana clarifies that  are only used to ensure the proper functioning of the website and other online services, with no capture of user information or data, it is worth noting that the Company is not responsible for the use of cookies made by third parties, and, for such reasons, it is necessary that the user pays attention to any cookies placed by third parties on the website, platforms and applications made available.  



Usina Alta Mogiana may share your personal data with third parties. In these cases, sharing will be restricted to the minimum necessary to fulfill any of the specific purposes, previously informed and authorized, when the legislation so requires. In this case, we will make sure that this transfer occurs only to companies that have a level of security similar to ours and that follow the provisions of the General Data Protection Law, being allowed to the user, if he wants to know in more detail the form and with to whom your personal data is shared, contact our Data Protection Officer via the email address .  



Usina Alta Mogiana observes, regarding the protection of data collected, processed and stored,  the safety standards established in current legislation and regulations, such as: a. Strict control of the processing of personal data, including access limitation, and password-protected access to its systems; B. Access authentication mechanisms, which ensure the individualization of records; ç. Detailed inventory of connection logs, including timing, duration, identity of the person responsible, and file accessed, on your systems and d. Records management solutions through the storage of access logs, without prejudice to the adoption of other technical standards later stipulated by the competent authorities, referring to data, only accessed by duly authorized persons, respecting the commitment to confidentiality and preservation of your privacy. Usina Alta Mogiana adopts all measures to preserve the privacy of the data collected, processed and stored, under its responsibility and shared with third parties, however, there is no totally safe and infallible system. Thus, in the event of any failure of the security system, the company will guarantee the adoption of all appropriate measures to repair the failures and any damages, providing all necessary support to the user.  



The data collected, processed and stored by Usina Alta Mogiana will be duly eliminated when they are no longer useful or when the user requests their elimination, except in cases where the maintenance of the data is expressly authorized or ordered by law or court decision.  



The user is entirely responsible for the veracity, authenticity, completeness, updating and correction of the data provided to the website, platforms or applications made available by Usina Alta Mogiana and/or third parties, as well as any misuse of information published by users or due to fraud arising from the violation of passwords, being the exclusive responsibility of the user to provide only correct, true, authentic, complete and updated information, as well as to ensure the confidentiality of his password, when applicable, not disclosing it to third parties. 

It is the user's right, with regard to their data, to know if they have been processed by the Company, as well as to be informed of which data about them have been processed; request correction and update; ask for portability; request the anonymization, blocking or deletion of unnecessary data or that have been treated in contravention of the law; request the deletion of data processed with or without your consent; request information about the public or private entities with which your data has been shared; refuse to give consent, when it is mandatory, being informed of the consequences of the refusal; revoke consents; obtain a copy, correct, update and/or complete your personal data.  



Usina Alta Mogiana SA – Açúcar e Álcool, appoints Mr. Alceu Luiz Gonçalves Júnior,  Data Protection Officer, to act, pursuant to article 5, VIII of the LGPD, as a communication channel between Empresa Usina Alta Mogiana SA – Açúcar e Álcool, the Data Subjects and the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD). ). 

The first paragraph of article 41 of the LGPD determines that: "The identity and contact information of the person in charge must be publicly disclosed, clearly and objectively, preferably on the controller's website". 

In view of the provisions of current legislation (LGPD), Empresa Usina Alta Mogiana SA – Açúcar e Álcool, seeking to always comply with the same (LGPD), informs that the Data Subject may contact our Person in Charge, through from the corporate email address: . The Data Protection Officer (DPO) appointed herein will have the following attributions/responsibilities: 

I - accept complaints and communications from the holders, provide clarifications and adopt measures; 

II - receive communications from the national authority and adopt measures; 

III - guide the entity's employees and contractors regarding the practices to be taken in relation to the protection of personal data; and 

IV - perform the other duties determined by the controller or established in complementary rules  



To exercise any of the rights, or requests regarding your data, you must provide us with your identification information (Name, e-mail, among other information that confirms your identity), through the email , which will be answered within 15 (fifteen) days.  



Usina Alta Mogiana's websites, platforms and Internet applications reserve the right to edit or even delete any content published by users that does not comply with the law, its Privacy Policy or Terms of Use. 

This condition, however, does not constitute an obligation of Usina Alta Mogiana, and, by virtue of art. 15, paragraph 3 of Law 12,965/14, as a rule, requests for editing or removal must take the form of a court order, request from the Public Ministry, police or administrative authority.  


9. SPAM 

Usina Alta Mogiana's websites, platforms and applications will use all possible resources to avoid sending unsolicited or unwanted emails. 

Please help by sending a complaint to if you receive any unsolicited or potentially invasive email on behalf of Usina Alta Mogiana.  


10. LINKS 

Usina Alta Mogiana's websites, platforms and Internet applications may contain connections and links to other websites on the Internet. 

Usina Alta Mogiana is not responsible for the contents, the Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy of the websites whose links are published on its website, platforms and Internet applications.  



This privacy notice may be changed at any time, in order to preserve Usina Alta Mogiana's commitment to transparency with the user, therefore, we recommend that you periodically check this page, noting that all changes will be highlighted at the beginning of the page. page.  



If you have any questions, please contact us at the email address .  



Doubts related to the terms of this Privacy Notice will be interpreted in accordance with the provisions of Brazilian legislation, with the forum chosen by the parties, to settle any conflicts, that of the District of São Joaquim da Bara-SP, excluding any other . 

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